The US Army Recruiting Tool Set is Shutting Down


After more than 20 years in operation, the US Army is removing support for its recruiting tool, the America’s Army video game.

America's Army - Soldier firing prone

The US Army: Proving Ground is an infamous first-person shooter game developed to recruit for the US military, and it’s been running for 20 years. On February 7, the US Army announced that it would refocus its recruiting efforts in new locations.

The American armya first-person shooter released in 2002, was developed and published by the US military. The American army was explicitly created to encourage recruits into the military, and players experienced a variety of different military roles throughout the game. The American army was a serious investment for the US military, having spent $32.5 million on the game in the first decade since its release. Now, after three major iterations of The American armythe free online service is closing.


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In an announcement posted on the official website The US Army: Proving Ground forums, the development team said goodbye to the community and announced that they would soon be withdrawing support for the game. With this final goodbye, the US military is turning its attention to new franchises, like the US Marine Body Call of Duty: Warzone tournament. The American army is due to be removed from Steam and PSN on March 5, and all online matches will cease. However, America’s Army fans will still be able to play offline and host private matches.

Three Players in the US Army
Three players in the US Army.

The game was designed as a promotional tool for the US military. It was a free-to-play tactical shooter that was widely enjoyed at the time. At The US Army: Proving Ground forums, the official post said that over the game’s three iterations “there have been over 30 million objectives completed, 180 million missions completed, 250 million teammates assisted, and many more in-game achievements. “. The American army was the first large-scale use of game technology, by the U.S. military, for strategic communication and recruiting. This also worked, unlike the US Army return on Twitch.

However, The American army has received critical acclaim since its release. The controversy would return several times during the game’s run, and now public support for the military is waning. A dedicated group of a few thousand players still guards The American army alive, but the game hasn’t seen a major update since 2013. Recent efforts by the US military to engage in the esports and streaming industries have been unsuccessful, as sponsorship of the Call of Duty League by the US military ended in controversy. the The American army The development team said it will “shift our focus to other new and innovative ways to help the military with communications and recruiting.”

So with this official support for The American army will soon be removed. First designed as a marketing and recruiting tool for the US military, The American army will go down in the gaming industry’s history books for good and bad reasons.

The American army is available on PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360 until March 5, 2022.

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