The US military will restrict the exits of base personnel


Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said the Japanese and US governments have agreed to restrict the exits of US military personnel to Japan.

The Japanese government had called for tougher measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in order to allay the concerns of local residents about the upsurge in infections at US facilities in Japan.

Kishida said on an NHK broadcast on Sunday that he was deeply concerned about the spread of the virus in and around U.S. military installations.

He said the United States had agreed in principle to restrict non-essential exits of its military personnel.

Kishida added that he had instructed the relevant ministries to set up a joint committee made up of staff from the foreign and defense authorities of the two countries to discuss health and hygiene issues.

Japanese government sources say the U.S. military will begin restricting non-essential personnel exits from Monday. He also plans to make face masks mandatory for personnel at U.S. bases.

The US Marine Corps’ Iwakuni Air Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, confirmed five new cases of the coronavirus on Sunday.

US officials have not disclosed their nationality or gender, or whether they were prohibited from leaving the base, but say they will be quarantined until they recover according to Navy guidelines American.


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