Transgender person arrested for posting sex acts on online app

Thai Crime Law Enforcement Police arrested a transgender person for allegedly broadcasting live sex acts with her boyfriend to paid subscribers through a Group Line App. Karnklao Klomkan, 30, aka Nong Phrai, was arrested by police on Friday.

The suspect was wanted under an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court for introducing pornography into a computer system via Line App for commercial purposes. Distribution of pornography, production of pornography and related costs.

Nong Phrai’s arrest follows a complaint that a website was encouraging people to join a Line App group that featured transgender sex shows. People were asked to pay a subscription to see the shows through a Line App group. The shows featured live transgender sex acts by the couple in various locations, police said.

Investigators identified one of the people on the shows as Karnklao Klomkan, 30, aka Nong Phrai. Nong Phrai was also wanted under an arrest warrant issued in Bangkok for similar offenses.

Online enforcement offenses

During questioning, Nong Phrai reportedly admitted Line App’s offenses. The man in the videos was a boyfriend, the suspect said.

Nong Phrai said they started live streaming their sex acts in a Line group last year. The group admission rate was 700 baht per person and many people had joined the Line group.

Police also said that Nong Phrai would be handed over to Wang Thong Lang police for legal action.

Meanwhile, cybercrime police arrested a young couple at a Bangkok hotel on Monday night for broadcasting their graphics activity online to online video viewers. The 19-year-old woman, identified only as Kainao, and her 20-year-old boyfriend shared their exploits online via the OnlyFans website.

The couple admitted to producing pornographic content, according to cyber police. They also described their behavior as “very inappropriate”.

Police said they would not take legal action against the owner of the adult website. Additionally, the site only allowed creators to share content. Cybercrime Police said the arrests were made after several anonymous complaints.

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