US Army Sergeant Lamar Hudson killed by son in Elyria


Lamar Hudson, 41, was found dead by police in Elyria; Her son was arrested and charged with aggravated murder.

ELYRIA, Ohio – A family in Lorain County is in shock today after U.S. Army Sgt. Lamar Hudson, 41, was killed in Elyria on Monday.

“He sees himself as a sociable person,” said Hudson’s eldest daughter Kiyasia Hudson. “He likes to make a lot of jokes and he likes to laugh a lot. “

Kiyasia and two of her siblings talk about their father like he’s still alive.

“If you hear him laughing somewhere, you know it’s him, like no one else laughs like him,” Kiyasia said.

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According to Elyria police, Hudson’s son Lamar Hudson Jr. shot and killed him on Monday night. Hudson Jr. was arrested and charged with aggravated murder. He was one of six Hudson’s children, whom the others now rely on each other.

“He has lived a good part of his life here,” Kiyasia said.

Originally from Cleveland, Hudson graduated from Elyria. After high school, Hudson dedicated seven years of his life to the US military and served two overseas missions; one in Bosnia and another in Iraq.

“It was really important that we were all together,” Kiyasia told 3News’ Marisa Saenz.

His family now spends time remembering trips to Lake Erie and having fun at home in their backyard, where a retired Hudson has taken up gardening.

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“He started a garden like this summer, so he was in the garden,” Kiyasia said. “The garden is very serious.

All thoughts are nothing more than memories and a legacy for the Hudson’s children to carry with them, using the motto Hudson instilled in them.

“To make the most of the situation,” Kiyasia said. “We were like crying and I was like, ‘He would be making jokes and we would be laughing right now, so he would want us to laugh. “


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