US military rates three-week iron dome test at Guam Air Force Base a success


The US military completed a three-week test of the Iron Dome air defense batteries at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and found the test to be successful, Starts and Stripes reported Wednesday.

In 2019, the United States and Israel signed an agreement to purchase two Iron Dome batteries, manufactured by the Israeli defense company Rafael. The batteries were delivered the following year and have since undergone a testing and operator training process. A first live test was carried out in August in New Mexico.

According to stars and Stripes, 60 soldiers assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment were deployed to Guam in late September from Fort Bliss, Texas, along with the radar system, control center and Iron Dome launchers.

“Over the past few weeks, Texas-based troops and 110 members of Task Force Talon, part of the 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, based in Sagamihara, Japan, have trained around the clock to defend the island from simulations. air attacks, said task force commander Major Kyle Hermanson Stars and stripes by phone Wednesday, ”the report said.

“Iron Dome deployed to Guam with a full arsenal of training missiles, but it did not do live fire,” he added.

“We did several simulations between the two units and the command and control element, deployed from Japan,” Hermanson said. “The main thing we were trying to get was to test the deployment of the system and its ability to work with a lower and higher level asset. “

The simulation focused on cruise missile attacks.

Guam has had a High Altitude Terminal Area Defense Battery since 2013 and can accommodate Patriot systems as well.

The exercise tested America’s ability to fight in a “layered defense of Guam,” the officer said.

The report adds that the exercise is the latest demonstration of its ability to deploy air defense systems in the Pacific region.


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