US military used Lana Del Rey quote and internet comments


Lana Del Rey and the internet have been on a hiatus lately. Since some candid outbursts about her perception as a woman — as well as comments about some of her female peers, mostly women of color — and the pointed diversity of her Chemtrails album cover, she added quite a few entries to her controversial timeline. Never mind, the time Kanye’s critic pulled a Kanye, and just kept churning out hordes of new music to change the conversation.

Since, Chemtrails and blue ramps have both been released and both are great records, but Lana has also stayed off social media. And his fans, well, most of us disagree with his comments but want to continue to love his music, a situation known to many as cognitive dissonance. That’s exactly the phrase that came to mind this weekend, when the US Army itself decided to use a quote from Lana to promote one of its female soldiers to a good ol’ post #SoldierSaturday. “’Being brave is knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.’ -Lana Del Rey,” they wrote on Twitter, along with an image of a female soldier crawling through mud.

Between jokes about Lana fans being so depressed by her recent comments that they want to join the military, to find out what physical shape Lana fans really are in, the internet had a field day with this one. Check out reactions to the odd pairing below.


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