US Navy Chief visits Western Naval Command headquarters and addresses Indian Navy officers


US Navy ADMIRAL MICHAEL Gilday and a high-level US delegation visited Western Naval Command headquarters in Mumbai on Friday and interacted with Vice Admiral R Hari Kumar, who heads Western Naval Command.

He discussed ways to strengthen the growing cooperation between the two nations and navies to address emerging challenges on the maritime front and enhance collaboration and interoperability to ensure maritime security in the Indian Ocean region, a indicated a press release from the Indian Navy.

Gilday has received a broad overview of regional security dynamics and operational responses from Western Naval Command in recent times, particularly those related to the provision of humanitarian aid and relief to friendly foreign countries, counter-countermeasures operations. piracy, improving maritime safety and security in the region and strengthening foreign cooperation with particular emphasis on Indo-American cooperation.

He was also briefed on the crucial role Indian warships played in Operation Samudra Setu II to bring home medical oxygen to alleviate shortages in the country and bolster its battle against Covid-19.

Gilday spoke to officers of Western Naval Command, Southern Naval Command and various Indian Navy training establishments via video conference on the “future of war”.

The head of the US Navy said: “Below us there were no dividing lines… no national borders or walls separating people. There was only the landscape… and the blue hue of the oceans that we are sitting on… So it struck me as I came here… how close and interconnected we are all today. Vast distances that once separated us are now strongly intertwined… and it is the “blue” that connects us all. Indeed, our economies, our values ​​and our cultures are more attached than ever to the sea. Many of us in this room have seen it with our own eyes.


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