US Navy designates future Orca unmanned sub-support facility


The US Navy has designated Keyport of the Naval Undersea Warfare Division as the On-Duty Engineering Officer (ISEA) for the Orca-class Extra Large Unmanned Submarine Vehicle (XLUUV).

A declaration by Keyport revealed that the installation will ensure the lifecycle of the Orca and Razorback dry bridge shelter launch and recovery UUVs.

the killer whale

The Orca is a long-range autonomous XLUUV developed by Boeing. The company is currently manufacturing five Orca XLUUVs for $ 274.4 million Contract awarded in 2019 when Boeing beat Lockheed Martin’s bid during the design phase.

The company’s successful design bid was based on its Echo traveler unmanned diesel-electric submersible.

Military aerospace describes the design of the submarine, citing navy officials who have stated that the Orca will be a “reconfigurable open architecture UUV with the base vehicle providing guidance and control, navigation, range, situational awareness, basic communications, energy distribution, energy and power, propulsion and maneuvers, and mission sensors. “

Possible roles

The XLUUV will be 51 feet (15.6 meters) in length and will be capable of continuous operation for 6,500 nautical miles (12,038 kilometers or 7,480 miles) on its own, USNI News revealed, citing the Navy.

The outlet added that the Navy plans to deploy the unmanned vehicle for mine countermeasures, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, electronic warfare and strike missions.

According to Naval technology, submarine ships are expected be in service by June of next year.


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