UW is preparing for the spring semester 2021

The University of Wyoming is preparing for the January 21 start of the 2021 spring semester and reminds returning students that a limited contact period begins today, January 14, and will continue through January 31.

It’s part of their spring semester plan which was put in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The semester will begin with two days of online instruction only on Thursdays and Fridays January 21 and 22, and face-to-face classes will begin on Monday January 25.

For students living on campus, university residences will open on Tuesday January 19 and students will arrive on the arrival dates scheduled between that date and Sunday January 24. They will receive the required COVID-19 test at Crane Hall before checking in at the reception counters. of their assigned rooms.

Students living off-campus must take a COVID-19 test before returning to in-person classes or activities on campus.

During the limited contact period, students are permitted to attend in-person classes, participate in work and worship engagements, and be outdoors.

As was the case during the fall semester, UW will continue its measures throughout the spring to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Students who do not return to campus at any time during the semester will not be required to participate, but should be granted testing exemptions.

Undergraduates who are part of the monitoring program will be tested twice a week; graduate students and employees will be tested once a week.

UW employees and students will continue to use the COVID Pass tool daily to screen themselves for COVID-19-like symptoms.

the spring plan Approved by the UW Board of Trustees calls for a semester that includes 10 weeks of in-person instruction, a three-day spring break, and five weeks of fully online classes to wrap up the trimester.

For more information on UW’s COVID-19 response, see www.uwyo.edu/campus-return, which is updated as information becomes available.

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