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Paula Davis calls herself a “perfectionist and recovery perfectionist who appeals to people.” As a commercial real estate lawyer, she has tried to exceed expectations in her incredibly demanding job. One day, she ended up in the hospital with an upset stomach caused by stress.

Today, Davis is the Founder and CEO of the Stress & Resilience Institute, where she helps rethink work cultures at Walgreens and Coca-Cola. She studied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and joined the team at the university that taught resilience skills to the US military.

Davis’ new book, “Beating Burnout at Work,” comes amid reports of burnout across industries, from consulting and law to finance, with a recent Microsoft survey revealing that more than half of workers around the world say they are overworked.

On Monday, May 24, Insider correspondent Shana Lebowitz interviewed Davis live about tackling burnout head-on – both as a manager and as an employee.

We discussed how the pandemic has made employers more willing to tackle burnout, the dangers of having your identity shrouded in your job, and why burnout prevention relies on structural revisions as well as microchanges or adjustments to your workday that make it more fulfilling.

Watch the full webinar above.

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