What the Falcons took away from an ‘inspiring’ trip to the US Military Academy at West Point


It was as important to Cannon as it was to Smith that it was more than a grip and a smile.

“When you raise your hand to take an oath to the Constitution, you are offering your life,” Cannon said. “Over the last 20 years we’ve seen a lot of that. You have to make it meaningful. It’s not just about football. Thanks to places like West Point and the military, we can enjoy football the Sunday. . I know that story resonates with the players.”

Telling these stories is important to the Falcons, Cannon and AMBSE Executive Chairman and Owner Arthur Blank. That’s why this was the second trip to West Point in the past four years and part of a massive effort to honor the U.S. military.

“We take Salute to Service seriously,” Cannon said. “Hail to serve is a one-week-a-year thing in the NFL. Arthur [Blank] said Salute to Service is something we will do 365 days a year. We use all of our platforms, from the Falcons to United to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, to continue to shine a light on service and sacrifice.

“For coaches and players to come here, to take time out of busy schedules before stepping onto the field against the Jets, it’s a huge testament that we honor and respect those who protect us all. It’s a cool, visible sign that we mean what we say.”


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