Why France has just withdrawn its ambassadors from the United States and Australia

It’s hard to overstate the blow to France, and France’s anger, of the torpedoed submarine deal. France reacted with outrage on Thursday to announcements that the United States and Britain would help Australia develop submarines and that Australia was pulling out of a $ 66 billion deal to buy pennies. -ships of French construction.

France has suffered a hard blow. Its sophisticated defense industry cannot survive on domestic sales alone. In 2015-1019, France made a huge 72% gain in arms sales, fueled in part by sales of submarines to India and Brazil like what it just lost to the ‘Australia. But France’s arms sales abroad fell in 2020, largely due to the global health crisis. France has a vital role in global policing, particularly in the former French Northwest Africa, which the United States largely leaves to French forces. Without arms sales, the French military-industrial partnership has less power to make such an African police force.

The United States consistently demonstrates the importance of arms sales abroad, including naval sales. In February 2020, Trump demonstrated this with a trip to India to announce a $ 3.5 billion sale of mostly Seahawk naval helicopters. U.S. gunmakers tout overseas sales both for their own bottom line and for foreign influence, especially at a time when nation-building funding is somewhere between controversial and impossible. .

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