Winston-Salem start-up Beam Dynamics aims to keep media companies ‘on air’ | Local


We started an LLC for Beam and started working nights and weekends on a vision for the business, and ultimately, if we could build what we envisioned.

We started with basic minivans and prototypes in early 2020, which we then presented to hundreds of cinema and broadcast engineers to see if our solution would be of benefit.

We got a resounding “Yes” and then we started to fundraise, build the platform and focus on bringing our solution to market.

Q: In layman’s terms, can you explain the inner workings of what your business offers and what makes it so valuable?

Reply: Similar to how Amazon or B&H organize and present sales related data on millions of products, we organize and present service, lifecycle and maintenance data on millions of products, especially in the film / broadcasting industry at the moment.

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There is currently no other platform that provides this level of service information, product notifications, and maintenance tracking across multiple manufacturers in a single user interface.

An on-set engineer will upload their equipment inventory and be notified of critical updates, such as firmware or product notices, have the ability to create / manage service tickets, and be able to access a knowledge base of information on millions of unique products all in one place, making it easy to troubleshoot issues when they arise on the shelf.


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