Woman savagely roasted by Disney World employee after asking her on a date

A woman was savagely roasted by a Disney World employee when she asked him to go out with her.

The worker played the famous shallow character Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and walked down the street of the Disney theme park.

After spotting him, a woman in the crowd decided to try and invite him out.

Shouting at the actor she said, “Gaston, my boyfriend just broke up with me, will you go out with me?”

The actor then replied, “I’m sorry, I’m looking for the most beautiful woman in town.”

Wowzers, a little harsh.

The woman was clearly a little mortified when she asked her companion who was filming, “Did I just roast myself?”

Woman decided to invite a Disney character out

TikTok user @ nots0swift posted the video with the caption: “Nooooon we’re roasting like Gaston.”

The clip has gone viral online – racking up over 1.3 million views to date and 176,000 likes.

The video comes after a Disney World princess recently made headlines as she quit her job to become an OnlyFans star.

Dare Taylor traded in his Jasmine costume from Aladdin in the theme park to become a model on the adult website and now earns £ 21,000 a month.

Disney World worker playing Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
The actor of Gaston however savagely rejected it

Woman savagely roasted by Disney World employee after asking her out
Women couldn’t believe his answer

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It was Dare’s childhood dream to work in Florida’s iconic theme park.

She had dreamed of working at Magic Kingdom since the age of eight and would visit the attraction every year.

However, after signing up for sexy photoshoots as a side job, she realized how much she enjoyed being in front of the camera.

This led her to give up her job at Disney and become a creator of OnlyFans instead.

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